Meet the gang

The Doubtful Traveller is based in Wellington, New Zealand, with contributors in the UK and Australia. We are a group of friends and family who love to travel and share our experiences. We pay for all our own travel and don't get anything for free (boo).

We focus on achievable, do-able travel rather than things available to a select, often wealthy, few (although we admit to having a soft spot for fly fishing). You won't generally see us in the photos we post because our focus is on the destinations. Sorry, no 22-year-olds in bikinis here. :)

Ann-Marie Nansett, Editor, The Doubtful Traveller

Ann-Marie Nansett

Founder and Chief Travel Officer, pictured in Reykjavik, Iceland. Ann-Marie has been travelling since she was two months old, although had a little help from her parents back then. She specialises in South East Asia and anywhere with shops. Email:

Kevin and Vonda Nansett. The Doubtful Traveller

Kevin and Vonda Nansett

Roving contributors, pictured in Havana, Cuba. They travel A LOT. Kevin and Vonda did an amazing round-the-world cruise in 2017. You can read the highlights here.


Kevin Greaney. The Doubtful Traveller

Kevin Greaney

Because every travel company needs two Kevins...This Kevin is pictured in Prague, Czechia (the Czech Republic). He's been travelling for so long that he's been to places like Yugoslavia, West Germany and through Check Point Charlie. Kevin's one of our Europe experts.

Teresa Amey. The Doubtful Traveller

Teresa Amey and Edith

Pictured in Canada. Teresa is a mad-keen skier, mountain-biker and all-round adventurer, and Edith is following in her foot-steps. They are our adventure and Europe experts.

Fran Schofield. The Doubtful Traveller

Fran Schofield

You know when you fill in the places you've been on the 'Been' app and the whole thing is orange? No, neither do the rest of us. But Fran does. She's our expert on just about everywhere.

Mike Nansett. The Doubtful Traveller

Mike Nansett

CFO (Chief Fishing Officer. What else would it stand for?!). Pictured in a New Zealand river that he refuses to name. Mike's an expert at sea and fly fishing. Check out his recommendations for fly fishing near Reykjavik. His exploits have also appeared in Trout Fisher magazine.

Kach. The Doubtful Traveller


Our street art expert. Kach is based in Melbourne and keeps on top of its ever-changing art scene. See some of what Melbourne has to offer here.

Eleanor Currier. The Doubtful Traveller

Eleanor Currier

Pictured in Cuba. She travels anywhere and everywhere. You can read about her adventures in Havana here and in New York here.

Bridget Young. The Doubtful Traveller

Bridget Young

Pictured on the move. Bridget is our European art and history expert. PS these are not just her bags, God no.

Updated: 5 December 2017