When you're not into cigars and rum...

Some of the incredible classic cars in Havana. Hire one and explore the city.

Explore historical Old Havana with its narrow streets, unusual art (this statue in Plaza Vieja represents a prostitute working to put food on her plate), Havana Cathedral and shops like this apothecary. 

A cashew nut seller. Music is found everywhere, day and night, and dancing usually follows. Art two ways: the Museum of Art and local art sold in the old part of town.

Havana's Spanish history: from the waterfront of Old Havana you can see Castilla De Los Reyes Del Morro, built in 1589. Among other fortresses you can visit is Castillo San Salvador de la Punta, built around 1595. Ernest Hemingway spent years living and writing in Havana and many of his favourite bars are still open.

While there are money machines in Havana you can only withdraw about $US60 at a time, so come prepared. Our contributors Kevin and Vonda stayed at the Hotel Telegrafo, which was clean, comfortable and central, although you'll need to bring your own minion! And if you smoke a cigar just once...

Side trip: Trinidad

How gorgeous is Trinidad! Relax, grab a mojito or three and enjoy the music under a tree. Meet two of our contributors, Kevin and Vonda.

On the drive from Havana to Trinidad, history buffs can take a detour to the memorials and museum at Giron (Bay of Pigs). Not info history? Giron is also a top-notch diving spot.

Updated: 3 September 2017