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Why cruising is a good idea after all - another article for fab WineNZ, winter 2017.

The coolest fountains you've ever seen - Nouvelles d'Europe used our photo of the Proudy fountain in Prague in its May 2017 edition. 

5 alternative sights of Copenhagen - we get a mention in an article for Havnefronten, Copenhagen, by the brilliant Bilingual Backpack Baby blog, June 2017.

On the road in Iceland - a travel feature about Reykjavik and the Snaefellsnes Peninsula in WineNZ, our favourite wine and lifestyle mag, summer 2016/17.

Fly fishing the rivers of Iceland - a travel feature about, yep, fly fishing in Iceland and what to do in Reykjavik if you'd rather not fish, Trout Fisher magazine, New Zealand's top independent fishing mag, summer 2016/17.

Recommended travel Instagram by the fab Simply You Body and Beauty magazine, 2016/17. Check us out on Instagram here.

Balloons, bicycles and beer - a feature about Bagan, Myanmar, in WineNZ, New Zealand's premier wine magazine, spring 2016.

Profile on stuff.co.nz, New Zealand's most widely-read news website, August 2016. You can read the article here.

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Updated: 12 August 2017