When you’re not interested in Hollywood…

Reputation: movies, movie stars and just a little silicon. 

Why you should go: great music and amazing music history.

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LA Road Trippin’

When you think of Los Angeles, it’s easy to imagine sun-drenched streets, impossibly-beautiful people – and, of course, great music. This is a guide to the top musical hot spots in LA that continue to inspire today’s musicians, from areas that launched rap superstars to the cities which have inspired thousands of great songs.

If you’re flying to LA, take some time to explore its musical history and get closer to the places that inspired the music you love. For the full guide to venues, bars and iconic places to visit, see the Air New Zealand website.

LA Road Trippin - A musical journey through LA. Copyright: Air New Zealand

Contributors: Air New Zealand, Ann-Marie Nansett

Updated: 16 January 2019