For the non-adventure traveller...

Explore Reykjavik including the street art, waterfront and Harpa.

The striking Hallgrimskirkja Church and, inside, its 5,000+ pipe organ. Boutiques on the waterfront in the old harbour. Leifur Eiriksson, the first European to discover North America.

The Sun Craft on the waterfront. Locals enjoy the skate park at Ingolfstorg. Coffee is a national obsession. Feeding the geese at the Tjornin lake on the edge of town.

The Reykjavik Art Museum is worth a visit, as is this guy at the National Museum of Iceland. Reykjavik is full of surprises, including small toys in unexpected places. Get the lay of the land - and some history - on a free walking tour.

Some of our favourite stores, including the jeweller Aurum and clothes shop Eva. There's something for everyone, even the non-shopper. Most of the shops are along Laugavegur.

Braud and Co, the best bakery in Reykjavik. Hot dogs, pretty much the national dish. Laundromat café. Pizza, another popular food option. 

Day trip: the Golden Circle

The Golden Circle is gorgeous. It includes Pingvellir National Park, which is the site of the first parliament in Iceland, dating from 930. It's where the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates meet, creating a 6km (3.7 mile) 'rift' and spectacular scenery.

The Golden Circle also includes the Geysir, after which all other geysers worldwide are named. The Gullfoss waterfall is the third 'big site' on the Golden Circle and is so good it gets two photos. Some tours include a stop at hot pools, like Gamla Laugin in Fludir.

Day trip: Snaefellsnes Peninsula

This trip around the Snaefellsnes Peninsula north-west of Reykjavik includes visits to basalt columns, stunning coasts and picture-perfect traditional buildings. These photos are taken in and around Arnarstapi.

More Arnarstapi. The memorial to Bardur, a character from a local saga. Snaefellsnes glacier in summer. One of the more pronounceable place names (although we almost mastered Eyjafjallajokull. Almost).

If you do just one thrill-seeking thing...

Iceland is heaven for fly fishers, and a great way to see rarely-visited places near Reykjavik. Our CFO (chief fishing officer, of course) had a good day on the river.

Updated: 25 September 2016.