Not everyone's interested in seeing and doing the same things when they travel. The Doubtful Traveller highlights what's on offer when you're not interested in The Big Thing a city is known for. So we don't cover museums and art galleries in Paris, the royals in London or foodie stuff in Melbourne.

Instead, we focus on other great things these cities offer. The Doubtful Traveller is particularly useful if you're being dragged to Paris by someone who will spend a week in the Louvre, for example. If it's not your thing, then that's okay: we'll help you have a good time too.

Our list of cities is increasing all the time and our recommendations are based on first-hand experience. We're not here to rate activities or facilitate bookings as there are plenty of websites that already do that (like Trip Advisor). All recommendations are purely our own. All content is written by us and all photos are taken by us, generally on our phones. In an age of Photoshop and filters, our photos aren't tweaked - what we show is what you'll see.

So who is 'we'? Meet our contributors here.

We earn a very small amount of money when you buy travel books through our site. We pay for all our own travel. We don't get anything for free (boo), so your support is greatly appreciated.

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Updated: 18 Novmeber 2017